“I enjoyed Promenade greatly. The design is clever and engaging. Your turn never comes round quickly enough and there is a wonderful suspense as we calculate the game end holdings. And it plays in under an hour. I am very impressed and suggest you try or buy Promenade when it becomes available. Highly recommended.” – Mike Siggins of Ludememike

Promenade – A deck building game of impressionist art.

Player: 2 to 4
Age: 10+
Time: 60 minutes

In the game, players are painting collectors buying paintings in galleries and exhibiting them in the museum. Using these actions, paintings’ rating will increase through the market rating track and their gold value will increase once the rating moves to the higher tier. A painting that worth 1 gold in the beginning of the game could later worth 3 or more gold to spend. Players can earn victory points by exhibiting paintings during the game and receive points from remaining paintings in hand at end of the game. When the game ends, player with most victory points wins the game and becomes the most prestige painting collector in Promenade.

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“If you’re a fan of economic games and deck builders, or just love games about paintings, check out Promenade. The game plays in about an hour and adds an artful twist to your standard deck builder.” – Meeple Lady