Macaron – Making baskets of delicate and tender sweet macaron for royal guests.

Player: 2
Age: 8+
Time: 20 minutes
Type: Trick-taking

Macaron is a two-player trick-taking game. In the game, players are French pastry chefs preparing macaron gift baskets for the royal guests. Every game is played for a number of rounds until a player or team scores 10 or more points, and the player with the highest score wins the game.


  • Game board x 1
  • Macaron card x 35
  • Royal token x 1
  • Allergy token x 1
  • Score token x 2
  • Event card x 10
  • Player aid x 1
  • Rulebook x 2

Kickstarter: ETA Summer 2020

Tabletopia: Click here to playtest online.