Macaron – A trick-taking game with novel tastes

Player: 1-5
Age: 10+
Time: 30 minutes
Type: Trick-taking
Artist: Tristam Rossin

To celebrate King Louis’ birthday, royal pâtissiers are busy preparing Macaron gift baskets for the royal family and guests. At the end of the celebration, the pâtissier who has made the most baskets wins and becomes the most prestigious pâtissier in France. But beware, underneath the cheerful pâtissiers and colorful Macarons, an allergen might slip into your basket and ruin the pastry. Are you ready to make some Macarons?

Macaron is a 1 to 5 player trick-taking game. In the game, players are French pâtissiers preparing Macaron gift baskets for the royal family and guests. In every game, a number of rounds will be played, and each round ends when 13 tricks are played or a player has prepared 8 or more baskets. Players will receive victory points at the end of the round based on the number of baskets prepared. When a player has received 10 or more victory points at the end of a round, the game ends. The player with the most victory points wins the game. In case of a tie, players share the victory.


  • Macaron board x 4
  • Score board x 1
  • Macaron cards x 52. There are seven suits. Six suits have cards from 1 to 7. One suit has cards from 1 to 10.
  • Voting token x 13 (4 or 5-player game)
  • Starting player token x 1
  • Royal token x 1
  • Allergen token x 1
  • Basket (trick) token x 5
  • Score meeple x 5
  • Player aid card x 5
  • Rulebook x 1
  • Emma’s Ability card x 7 (solo game)
  • Solo player aid (solo game)

Rulebook (Draft): Click here

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