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Posted by Board's Eye View on Monday, 11 December 2017

Begin the 5th Major Revision of Little Red

Littel Red beta 5.1 game board

Littel Red beta 5.1 game board

Working on the 5th edition prototype for <Little Red Riding Hood: Full Moon Rising>. Just finished the new game boards and still need to work on new event card and item card designs. With so much things going on right now, probably won’t be able to playtest it until next year.

The main difference between the 4th and 5th edition is the event selection. The 4th edition is the only edition that has a dice. It is used for event selection and and it is now removed. In the 5th edition, events are drawn from an event deck. It is a small deck of 14 cards and reshuffled when the 3rd Full Moon event is resolved.

In the beginning of a turn, player can (1) play one of the events from the board, (2) draw a new event then play one of the events on the board. If Full Moon Attack is drawn, player must resolve the event. Or (3) play it blind when all three event slots are filled.

Council is a little different in 5th edition. Player can also choose to play Council event when it is available. When a Full Moon event is resolved, Council is opened and becomes available to any player. The difference is when it is played, it is closed again.

Also need to polish character abilities and few others.

Lot’s polishing to do and loving it.

Kickstarter Update – Where to buy The Battle of Red Cliffs now?

Dear All,

The Battle of Red Cliffs and its expansions are now available to purchase on Game Salute web site.

Command 1 Expansion

Command 2 Expansion

I believe they will be soon available on Amazon too.

Just in case you are wondering, you can also purchase Mines of the Sacred Dragon at Game Salute

For europe, The Battle of Red Cliffs will arrive after Essen 2013. In the meantime, you may purchase Di Renjie, Soccer Sonic and Mines of the Sacred Dragon from Spiel Material in Germany

Thank you for your support and have a great weekend!



Kickstarter Update – Rulebook

Dear All,

Rulebook has been the biggest concern I have with GOTK: Guandu. Since the beginning and months after Guandu was funded on Kickstarter, I have been struggling because Guandu is probably ten times more difficult to write than any of my previous Kickstarter projects. Honestly, a game with poor written rulebook will be devastating to everyone.

Several weeks ago, I have found a friend who is a gamer, a published designer and also an English technical writer. We sat down last Wednesday in Pasadena Game Empire for hours. We playtested Guandu and discussed the rule structure and layout of the rulebook. Daniel agreed to help me out. He took the prototype that night and plans to playtest two to four player games in his gaming group. Daniel will continue to work on the rules and once we have a copy of the new draft, I will post it on Kickstarter.

Thank you and have a great weekend.



Strategicon Orccon 2013, Los Angeles – Feb 15th to 18th

What are you doing after Valentine’s Day?

I am sure you know the best place to go after Valentine’s day is Orccon 2013 where you can play board games days and nights for the next four days. And yes, bring your love one too!

On Saturday and Sunday, we will demo from 11AM until 9PM …

11AM and noon – Fly, You Fools
A prototype strategy card game for 1 to 4 player. It is fun, short and easy to learn.

1PM and 2PM – The Battle of Red Cliffs – Funded on Kickstarter
1 to 9 player Tien Zi Que (mahjong/Rummy). The game just finished printing, expressed to Strategicon for its first time demo in US.

3PM and 4PM – Mines of the Sacred Dragon (MOSD)
1 to 5 player abstract strategy tile placement board game. It is published in China and first time demo in US.

6PM and 7PM – Glory of the Three Kingdoms: Guandu Core Set – Funded on Kickstarter
2 player Living Deck Building Game based on the Thee Kingdoms era of ancient Chinese. You will be playing with the final prototype before production.

8PM – Glory of the Three Kingdoms – Full Set
In addition to Cao Cao and Yuan Shao factions in the Core Set, we will also be playing with Lu Bu and Liu Bei factions, a four player game, which will not release end of 2013 or early 2014.

To reserve your space and find out more information on the games, please go to and “wu” under Search By GM:

See you at the convention!

Convention Registration


Design of the Glory of the Three Kingdoms – Event

Event is the final expansion of Guandu and it incorporates the entire series and creates the most valuable gaming experience in Guandu. Event takes you to the world of Three Kingdoms, a time just before Guandu, through chains of diplomacy and battles then the finale of the first great battle of Three Kingdoms.

Addition to Province and faction expansion cards, Event expansion set comes with thirteen event cards. 6, 9 or 12 event cards are used in the game according to the scenario or number of player. Each event represents an important time of Guandu and they are played in a timeline sequence.

In the game, each event is triggered by number of Tiger Tally cards revealed from the Province Decks and each event has a historical influence on the factions, such as short or long term restriction, reinforcement, join battle, diplomacy and etc.

A battle through history of Guandu generally takes 60 to 90 minutes, unless one of the factions achieves a total victory. If you love Three Kingdoms, then take part of a great faction and live in the moment of the Glory of the Three Kingdoms.

Thank you for taking the time reading Design of the Glory of the Three Kingdoms and thank you for being part of GOTK Kickstarter campaign.