Seven Lords

seven lordsName: Seven Lords
Author: Ta-Te Wu
Player: 2-7
Time: 60
Age: 12+


Seven Lords is a two to seven player abstract strategy board game. It is based on theĀ  Warring States era in ancient China. During the era, six selfish lords were unable to cooperate and form a defense force against the strong and brutal Qin and were eliminated by Qin one after another. In 221 BC, Qin unified the entire China and began a new era of Qin Dynasty.

In the game Seven Lords, players are to advance units from the outer ring of battlefield to Xi’an, then to the Fate Line of Qin Dynasty. When four or more units enter the Fate Line, game ends and the lord with highest victory point wins the game and becomes the new emperor of China.


Game board x 1
Player board x 7 (one for each lord)
Unit tile x 37 (five for each of Six Lords and seven for Qin)
Action marker x 21 (three for each lord)
Priority marker x 3 (one for each alliance: Jin, Zong and Qin)
Contribution marker x 6 (one for each of Six Lords)
Regroup marker x 1
Score marker x 7 (one for each lord)
Pouch x 1
Rulebook x 1


Seven Lords was originally designed in 2007 as an abstract voting game under an different name, King of the Jungle. It was designed for up to 5 or 6 players and consisted only the Battlefield section of Seven Lords.

In 2008, King of the Jungled renamed to Seven Lords and it was redesigned to play by 2 to 7 players. Furthermore, Invasion section was added for another level of strategic play.

In 2011, victory point system and action point allowance system were incorporated to the game. Fate Line section was added for third tier of strategic play and player boards were added to support the action point allowance system.

Finally in Summer of 2012, Seven Lords is completed. Would it be published? Certainly hope so but we won’t know until Summer of 2013.


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