Little Red Riding Hood

Name: Little Red Riding Hood
Author: Ta-Te Wu
Player: 4 to 8
Time: 30 to 60 minutes
Age: 10+

CATEGORIES: Werewolf, social deduction, large group


In the fairy tale, we all know what happened to Little Red and grandma. But do you know what really happened? The untold story begins in the <Full Moon Rising>.

Little Red Riding Hood is a secret identity game for 4-8 players. In the game, everyone lives in Little Red Riding Hood’s village. If you know the true story, yes, there are werewolf among you.

If you are a human, must find and kill werewolf. But beware of the wicked woods where you must pass to see grandma, you might turn into a werewolf when travelling through. Perhaps it is destiny.

If you are a werewolf, be kind and help poor humans kill each other. When full moon comes, reveal yourself and embrace the best of you … attack, bite and kill!