Design of the Glory of the Three Kingdoms – Event

Event is the final expansion of Guandu and it incorporates the entire series and creates the most valuable gaming experience in Guandu. Event takes you to the world of Three Kingdoms, a time just before Guandu, through chains of diplomacy and battles then the finale of the first great battle of Three Kingdoms.

Addition to Province and faction expansion cards, Event expansion set comes with thirteen event cards. 6, 9 or 12 event cards are used in the game according to the scenario or number of player. Each event represents an important time of Guandu and they are played in a timeline sequence.

In the game, each event is triggered by number of Tiger Tally cards revealed from the Province Decks and each event has a historical influence on the factions, such as short or long term restriction, reinforcement, join battle, diplomacy and etc.

A battle through history of Guandu generally takes 60 to 90 minutes, unless one of the factions achieves a total victory. If you love Three Kingdoms, then take part of a great faction and live in the moment of the Glory of the Three Kingdoms.

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