Design of the Glory of the Three Kingdoms – Battle

When designing battles in GOTK, we wanted a real battle where players can deploy hero and units. Most importantly, we wanted a battle that captures the essence of ancient Chinese warfare, the art of war.

A fight is never equal and a battle never ends until the final page is turned. Don’t be surprised when a small unit defeats a force that is so many times stronger. Every step, every moment, every person can be the turning point of the war. It is never about a face to face confrontation and it is never random. It is all about the strategy, battle formation, leadership and courage.

GOTK will take you to the battle ground where the essence of ancient Chinese art of war takes place. It merely begins when attacker declares the battle.

First, who would honestly attack if there are no odds of winning? It makes absolutely no sense. Defender should be caught on surprise most of time and take on battle with lack of preparation. That is why the Battle Action is an optional action so defender would never know if opponent would attack or not.

But would attacker always win because player has three bonus hand cards to take the attack? No, the fate is yet decided. Should defender fight or flee? That is a strategic decision defender must make. A flee can end attacker’s turn immediately without risking a unit card and a fight would require additional calculation. What is the faction of attacker and what are their specialties? What unit, tactic and item cards have attacker acquired? What cards are in the discard pile?

On the other hand, can attacker bluff? Absolutely! Scared the cowardly defender and take away a Glory without playing addition cards.

So is the attacker bluffing?

The bigger picture is can defender wins by taking more Tiger Tally or other source of victory point? And the final questions is, is the defender brave enough to take on the battle? If the answer is yes, then real battle of Guandu begins.

GOTK battle is balance by wit, strategy and evaluation and management of resource. It is honestly a little difficult to learn at first but after few rounds of battle, it will be just you and the art of war.

After a long 40+ days, we have about three days remain on Kickstarter but a long way from reaching the goal. If we fail, Glory will not reload and hope we can all remember it has once existed.