Design of the Glory of the Three Kingdoms – Province

Province is normally called central or common area in DBG where players acquire additional cards to build their player decks. So what is GOTK’s Province different from other DBG?

In the game GOTK, all Province cards are randomly shuffled then equally divided into number of Province Decks during setup. Four decks are used for a two player game, five decks for a three player game and six decks for a four player game. When playing an event driven game (playing with Event Expansion), six decks will be used for a two, three or four player game.

Note, number of Province Decks affects the end game condition. For example, in a two player game, game ends when two decks are depleted. In a three or four player game, game ends when three decks are depleted. In an event driven game, game ends when all events are played.

Shuffling all Province cards together will decrease game setup time tremendously. However, it will also increase the randomness of the game. To compensate the randomness, a sorting system is created which sorts out specific type of cards when they are revealed during Province Phase. In Guandu Core Set, four Province Piles are used and they are footman, pikeman, cavalry and tiger tally piles. Two additional Province Piles will be introduced later.

How does the sorting system work? In the beginning of a player’s turn or Province Phase, face down top card of Province Decks is revealed and all top cards that have a sorting symbol are moved to Province Piles. During Action Phase, player may purchase any face up card in the Province that includes both Province Decks and Province Piles. In other words, sorting system opens up additional and specific type of cards for players to acquire and build their player decks.

Finally, with enough Province cards, player may create their own Province. Similar to TCG/CCG which player creates a set of player deck before the game play, the game GOTK allows players to create a custom Province of their favorite cards. What would that be like … a province of your custom design … only available in Glory of the Three Kingdoms.