Design of the Glory of the Three Kingdoms – Factions

When designing GOTK, we wanted our players to experience the epic story of the Three Kingdoms. In each major battle of GOTK series, factions were carefully designed to reflect their characteristic and strength in that specific period of time so players can learn and experience the history when playing the organized and uniquely designed factions.

During the history of Guandu, the first major battle in the Three Kingdoms, there were four main factions: Yuan Shao, Cao Cao, Lu Bu and Liu Bei. Yuan Shao faction was wealthy and strong in military power. Cao Cao faction had less military units but Cao Cao himself was a cleaver tactician with overpowering charisma. He also had a group of elite and loyal general and strategist.

Lu Bu was one of the most powerful warriors in the Three Kingdoms. He was also a great military tactician. However, due to his naïve and shortsighted personality, his faction was due to eliminated by his foolishness.

Liu Bei didn’t really have a faction until the very end of Guandu. It was pretty depressing. He and his Taoyuan brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei were fearsome warriors of the Three Kingdoms but by fate of life, they were drifted between factions. Near the end of Guandu, they were finally reunited and determined to form a faction lead by the big brother Liu Bei.

In game GOTK: Guandu Core Set, Yuan Shao and Cao Cao were introduced because they were the primary factions at the time. Lu Bu and Liu Bei will be later introduced in the Faction Expansion Set.

In the Guandu Core Set, Yuan Shao’s starting units has higher strength than Cao Cao’s starting units and most of Yuan Shao faction’s abilities have to do with gold. Overall, it is an easier faction to play because it is pretty straight forward and suitable to first time player.

Cao Cao faction is a little bit more difficult to play because the winning depends more on the strategy such as unit combination, time of defend and attack, etc. Player has to be in the mind of Cao Cao to win the Glory.

Lu Bu faction is all about battle because Lu Bu himself was a war hunger and blood thirst warrior. The faction also has a special Barrack rule which can be quite powerful. Would Lu Bu faction always win the Glory? In the Three Kingdoms, everyone fears Lu Bu and shouldn’t you feel the same in GOTK?

Liu Bei faction is weaker than three other Guandu factions because in history, it was new and significantly feeble. To win with Liu Bei faction, player has to take defense position first but don’t let the weakness fool you. Liu Bei is the hero of people and he will win if he has the Will (Will is a key word in GOTK).

In addition to the starting set, faction expansion pack for each faction will later be introduced. Faction expansion pack is added into Camp during the game and Camp a new rule when faction expansion pack becomes available.