2012 Project – Mines of the Sacred Dragon

Mines of the Sacred Dragon is now added to our 2012 game list. For more information on the game and design background, please vist http://sunrisetornado.com/?page_id=478.

At this time, we are working on the rulebook and the artwork of the dragon and etc. Hopefully it will be ready to launch on Kickstarter by end of March.

Kickstarter Demo
A 13-tile print-to-play demo will be available in mid-March, before launching on Kickstarter. Player can download the file and print these 13 color tiles to experience the game before backing the project. Please note, player will need several tokens in order to play the demo.

Solo Sampler
A one player 20-tile solo sampler with 9 tokens will be part of the Kickstarter pledge. It is for player who like solo game that is really compact and inexpensive to ship.

STGS Back Bonus
Player who backed STGS games (such Di Renjie) will receive extra unique tiles as our token of appreciation 🙂