《Di Renjie》Making Video for Kickstarter

Two friends, Ayumi and Miya, came today and cosplayed in the 《Di Renjie》 Kickstarter video. Though the video is short, but it took at least couple hours to prepare and another couple hours to shoot the video.

On the left is Miya, the Empress, and on the right is Ayumi, the Assassin.

The Empress is a bit camera shy, hiding behind 《Di Renjie》 prototype game box.

“Assassin” is an expansion rule for four to six players。Note: Ayumi does NOT come with the game.

“Table table on the floor, who is the Empress of the world?”

After several exhausting hours, we finally finished part of the video. We will be filiming a little bit more tomorrow and ready for editing next week.

See you soon Kickstarter!