To 280 Backers, We did it!

Mark Anticole once told me that someone gave him many helpful advices and made Nature of the Beast a success. He shared them with me, and fortunately, I will be able to share on my part with a happy ending.

Thank you 280 backers, especially Martijn Althuizen, Mark Anticole, Mark Walker, and Marco Huysmans. We really did it. We made Di Renjie a success on Kickstarter, and it will not happen without any one of you. It is absolutely a real experience of life time and a true honor.

Now it is my great pleasure to get my butt of the chair and do a victory dance for you … no, you really don’t wanna see that … what I really meant was getting Di Renjie printed and ship them to you as soon as possible. Go Go Go!!!

Just to let you know, I am gonna hold on the survey cuz I am not quite sure what to do with it.

In regarding to the origami card holder, I plan to take Karim Moussally’s suggest and ask if you need all six of them. No matter what, you gotta have two cuz I love it a lot and certainly hope you do too 🙂

For the backers of Family Collection, do you have your photos ready? They are custom made and cut by hand, so we gotta chop chop on the photos. If you have any question, please email me at any time.

It had been awesome, and it is awesome. Thank you all so much and gonna start working now. If you have any question, please feel free to email me.



Di Renjie Launches at Kickstarter

STGS 1st Kickstarter project – Di Renjie – launched on Feb 22nd!

Di Renjie(DRJ)is a delightful deduction card game for 2 to 6 players. It is a family game with lots of interaction that everyone should enjoy.

The theme of the game is loosely based on a famous politician and detective DRJ during Tang Dynasty, and you may find in-depth history information on wiki

Please take a short 5 minutes to check out our video and learn more about the project. Kickstarter:

Thank you for your time and support!

《Di Renjie》Making Video for Kickstarter

Two friends, Ayumi and Miya, came today and cosplayed in the 《Di Renjie》 Kickstarter video. Though the video is short, but it took at least couple hours to prepare and another couple hours to shoot the video.

On the left is Miya, the Empress, and on the right is Ayumi, the Assassin.

The Empress is a bit camera shy, hiding behind 《Di Renjie》 prototype game box.

“Assassin” is an expansion rule for four to six players。Note: Ayumi does NOT come with the game.

“Table table on the floor, who is the Empress of the world?”

After several exhausting hours, we finally finished part of the video. We will be filiming a little bit more tomorrow and ready for editing next week.

See you soon Kickstarter!


《Di Renjie》 Box Design

《Di Renjie》 box design was finally finished yesterday, and a prototype of the box is made early this morning (by myself). The box is 8cm x 11cm, a perfect little box for the game.

Now we have a prototype of the box and ready to film a short video on 《Di Renjie》 for Kickstarter tomorrow.