Kickstarter Update – Where to buy The Battle of Red Cliffs now?

Dear All,

The Battle of Red Cliffs and its expansions are now available to purchase on Game Salute web site.

Command 1 Expansion

Command 2 Expansion

I believe they will be soon available on Amazon too.

Just in case you are wondering, you can also purchase Mines of the Sacred Dragon at Game Salute

For europe, The Battle of Red Cliffs will arrive after Essen 2013. In the meantime, you may purchase Di Renjie, Soccer Sonic and Mines of the Sacred Dragon from Spiel Material in Germany

Thank you for your support and have a great weekend!



Strategicon Orccon 2013, Los Angeles – Feb 15th to 18th

What are you doing after Valentine’s Day?

I am sure you know the best place to go after Valentine’s day is Orccon 2013 where you can play board games days and nights for the next four days. And yes, bring your love one too!

On Saturday and Sunday, we will demo from 11AM until 9PM …

11AM and noon – Fly, You Fools
A prototype strategy card game for 1 to 4 player. It is fun, short and easy to learn.

1PM and 2PM – The Battle of Red Cliffs – Funded on Kickstarter
1 to 9 player Tien Zi Que (mahjong/Rummy). The game just finished printing, expressed to Strategicon for its first time demo in US.

3PM and 4PM – Mines of the Sacred Dragon (MOSD)
1 to 5 player abstract strategy tile placement board game. It is published in China and first time demo in US.

6PM and 7PM – Glory of the Three Kingdoms: Guandu Core Set – Funded on Kickstarter
2 player Living Deck Building Game based on the Thee Kingdoms era of ancient Chinese. You will be playing with the final prototype before production.

8PM – Glory of the Three Kingdoms – Full Set
In addition to Cao Cao and Yuan Shao factions in the Core Set, we will also be playing with Lu Bu and Liu Bei factions, a four player game, which will not release end of 2013 or early 2014.

To reserve your space and find out more information on the games, please go to and “wu” under Search By GM:

See you at the convention!

Convention Registration


The Battle of Red Cliffs – Rank Card

Rank card (score card) is finally done. Now each copy of The Battle of Red Cliffs comes with nine Rank cards, one for each player. In a two to seven player game, when a player reaches rank level 6 or higher, game ends and the player with highest score wins the game. A higher level is requires for solo play and team play game.

Rank card wasn’t included in the original design. It was later developed when we introduced Tuck Box edition on Kickstarter and made Red Cliffs a portable and affortable game for everyone 🙂

Red Cliffs Reload – 34 Hours Remain on Kickstarter

So many of us have worked together to prepare The Battle of Red Cliffs. After going through two launches on Kickstarter, the game itself is actually getting ready to print. No doubt, everyone, including all the backers, are looking forward to getting their hands on the game.

Sadly, as of this moment, we have 105 backers, raised $4,012 but with only 34 hours to go. Most likely we will loss the project.

Can the game be cheaper? Can there be more discount?

Kickstarter has become more of a pre-order platform for established publishers with well connected distribution. With a good size of print run, their games can be discounted after Kickstarter Campaign.

My last Kickstarter project, Di Renjie, can never go through distribution because of its high cost small print run. Now I have to sell the game by myself. Gamers can either buy them full price at the convention I attend or pay additional ship fee to receive them. There is no discount and no Kickstarter rewards at all.

It is exactly the same with Red Cliffs. A discount is only possible when the game goes through distribution with a large print run after the game is funded. And before funding becomes available, where do I find the discount. The project really need the fund to print. And seriously, if I want more money, board game design and self-publishing is the last thing to do, won’t you agree?

As the matter of fact, many games were funded but failed to deliver because they under estimate the “cost” beyond printing itself. Should we eager to satisafy the need of “discount” and put ourselves and entire project at risk?

That was pretty much what happened with Di Renjie. The $10 free shipping reward level put me under a very difficult situation. I shipped them anyway.

In the past few days, even today, I have talked to several people in regarding to a 3rd launch on Red Cliffs. But after giving it a lot of thought and calculation, I have decided to launch a new game … uSpy, a WWII espionage deck building game. Information including rulebook and print ‘n play prototype can be found on

Last, I can’t thank so many of you enough for helping me with Red Cliff, especially E.R. Burgess and Krestin. It is sad to me that I am not able to deliver a game that we all look forward to play. There is no greater pleasure than discover positive reviews and feedback on your game. I really wish Red Cliffs can be one of the game.

It is quite late now, and Red Cliffs has 33 hours to go. Thank you for supporting the project and hope you understanding the reasons not having a 3rd launch.

Sweet dream everyone 🙂

Nite …