Tien Zi Que for 2-9 Players

We are in process of completing a new version of Tien Zi Que (TZQ) for two to nine players, and it will be published as a revision of the The Battle of Red Cliffs (2009) http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/39375/the-battle-of-red-cliffs

The new version TZQ: The Battle of Red Cliffs comes with 130 cards, plus the followings …

1) Action cards and event cards
2) Peng action to temporary interrupt the active player and take a trick.
3) Team play option.
4) Players are able to take 1-2 tricks per turn.
5) A new system to reuse/recycle the game deck throughout the entire game. In other words, players do not reshuffle the entire deck after every game round.
6) Everyone scores at the end of the game round.
7) A new ladder system for scoring. Players must score a number of point in order to advance to the next scoring level.

With luck and your undivded support, we will have it out before end of the year 🙂