Begin the 5th Major Revision of Little Red

Littel Red beta 5.1 game board

Littel Red beta 5.1 game board

Working on the 5th edition prototype for <Little Red Riding Hood: Full Moon Rising>. Just finished the new game boards and still need to work on new event card and item card designs. With so much things going on right now, probably won’t be able to playtest it until next year.

The main difference between the 4th and 5th edition is the event selection. The 4th edition is the only edition that has a dice. It is used for event selection and and it is now removed. In the 5th edition, events are drawn from an event deck. It is a small deck of 14 cards and reshuffled when the 3rd Full Moon event is resolved.

In the beginning of a turn, player can (1) play one of the events from the board, (2) draw a new event then play one of the events on the board. If Full Moon Attack is drawn, player must resolve the event. Or (3) play it blind when all three event slots are filled.

Council is a little different in 5th edition. Player can also choose to play Council event when it is available. When a Full Moon event is resolved, Council is opened and becomes available to any player. The difference is when it is played, it is closed again.

Also need to polish character abilities and few others.

Lot’s polishing to do and loving it.

Red Cliffs is Funded with 14 Hours to Go!

The Battle of Red Cliffs has met its goal on Kickstarter over the Labor Day weekend, and it is now only 15 hours away from end of project. If you like set collection, Rummy, and Mahjong, don’t miss the opportunity to back on Kickstarter and receive Kickstarter exclusive rewards.


uSpy Print ‘n Play Prototype v.3d is Ready to Downlaod

After last weekend’s playtest session at SoCalPlaytesting group, prototype version 3d is completed with updated cards and rules. VP is now added to the cards and ten mole cards (two for each country) are added to the game.

In addition, five “Action/Breach” cards are added to the game to keep track number of action taken.

Finally, an advance rule “Breach” is added to the game for a different end round experience.

If you would like to playtest uSpy, please down rules and cards on

Thank you for your participation.

The Battle of Red Cliffs – Take 3

In the past many days, Eric and I were struggling and trying to figure out another launch of Red Cliffs that would make sense to all of us and the game itself.

I think we do now.

During the process of downsizing the entire game, we figured out a way to replace the game board without affecting the strategy of the game and the rules. The new component is called “Score Card”, and now each game will come with seven of them. You may find more information on Take 3.

Besides the original packaging on Reload, we added a new Tuck Box Edition in Take 3. It comes in a smaller tuck box without score board and markers. Its retail price is $18, and we are Kickstarting  it for $15. Now Red Cliffs is more affordable and portable.

Btw, I forgot to add 15 “zero” cards in the component section on the Reload page. It is my bad, and it will be added on to Take 3.

As for Essen, unfortunately Red Cliffs is going to miss Essen Spiel 2012, but Essen Spiel 2013 pickup option is available for the friendly frequent Essen goers.

Finally, Take 3 is live now with a 15 day funding duration. During the last few days, we will demo Red Cliffs in Strategicon in Los Angeles. If you are around, please drop and say hi and let’s play The Battle of Red Cliffs and many other fun games.

Thank you for your awesomeness and hope to have you again on Take 3.

Red Cliffs Take 3:


This Message will Self Destruct in 6 Seconds

uSpy is getting ready to publish. Would you like to participate in print ‘n playtest? Your mission should you choose to accept, download rules and prototype here … and follow the instruction on the page to prepare a prototype. Once you are ready, playtest it and send us any feedback, good or bad. Any comment and suggestion are appreciated

Thank you very much for your time and supprt!